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Math Lessons for Every Child – CTC Math

Main Screen for CTC Math LessonsA Math Program Everyone in the Family Can Use

For ten years, I have selected, used, rejected, and revisited program after program to teach my children math. During that time I have found good programs and bad. With CTC Math’s online tutorial program I have found a keeper. The math lessons are clear, brief, and lead to a solid understanding of the concept being taught. And, best of all, my kids like it.

How CTC Math Lessons Work

With either a single student or a family subscription to CTC Math, all grade levels and lessons are available to every student. Before getting started with a lesson set, your student can take a placement test. My kids appreciate being able to test out of lessons. You can choose whether to have your student take a short test to confirm his or her placement or longer tests that ask more detailed questions covering each sub-lesson.

CTC Math tracks each student’s progress and sends regular updates to your email. If a student performs poorly on a worksheet or needs more review, additional practice problems are available. You can also enter specific lesson assignment for an individual student via the parent control panel.

CTC Math Lessons Assignment Page(I think we need to update our tasks!)

Each CTC Math lesson consists of an animated tutorial, a printable summary of key concepts, and an interactive worksheet. Your student can pause or fast forward portions of the lesson and view demonstrations of problems being solved before beginning the worksheet. For the higher math levels, students can print the question set and solve the problems on paper before entering their answers online.

What Makes CTC Math a Standout

Dynamic Tracking:
CTC Math’s performance tracking is dynamic; only the last three student problem sets are averaged when rating progress. So with perseverance, a child can improve his or her final grade without being weighed down by a less than stellar past performance. A progress bar shows the student how he or she is doing. My children are encouraged knowing that they can succeed with practice.

Family Plan:
CTC Math’s annual family subscription is particularly attractive to me as a mom of four. I was able to purchase a single subscription that allowed me to enroll and track the progress of each of my children separately. I even created a separate student account for myself. Because CTC Math allows access to every grade level and subtopic, I can use my student account to review subjects without affecting any of my students’ lessons schedules or grades.
CTC Math Student Interface


As you may have noticed, students can customize their background color for their login screen. It’s a small touch, but nice when your children want to have something that is just theirs. The access to all grades and math lessons allows each student to have greater flexibility when studying. If my 9th grader understands quadratic equations but needs a refresher course on basic measurements, he can study both.

By purchasing CTC Math, I don’t have to spend time before each school year agonizing over which level of single-level materials I should buy for each student. Even when I have other math programs available, I like to maintain my CTC Math subscription because of the multi-level coverage. With CTC Math I always have an affordable back-up plan for teaching math at the ready.


CTC Math is an Aussie company, but you can choose whether to take instruction in U.S. or Aussie math.
The instructor’s accent is one choice only, a charming Australian one.



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